The Brand New Civility yoyo


Great vid and T. Sho’nuff!


With such a glowing review, I had to get one. :+1:


Too bad that purple is sold out! Got plenty of the other colors. But $60 bi & made by YYF!!!

Oh yeah, and a ceramic bearing!!!


That’s what’s up, man!! Enjoy.

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I was able to snatch one up on the pre-order, and I agree 100% that it is at an amazing price point. On top of that as Beherenow said, it comes with the $25 retail price VIP ceramic hybrid bearing. As an owner of multiple VIP bearings I can assure you that they definitely hold up to their name.


That’s an incredible deal! Man, it’s already the price of a budget bimetal but yet it still comes with a $25 dollars ceramic bearing? That’s just insanity! The yoyo is just $35!


This is my 1st experience with this bearing and I look forward to many years with it. Thxx for the feedback

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So this new Civility is my first experience with the ceramic VIP bearing. It is a bit on the noisy side right out of the box. Is this normal? Should I add lube?

Don’t add lube, play dry. hybrid bearings are noisy. Only option is to get use to it or use something else


A spot of lube isn’t a bad thing. If it’s noisy out of tge gate? There may be some dust or a piece of cardboard in it. Try cleaning it with some lighter fluid or mineral spirits and a pinprick of your favorite Thin Lube and you should be cool.

If tgat doesn’t quiet it down, you may have a ball in there that’s uneven. Either way, it’ll get settled. Happy Throwing.

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Ceramic’s I’ve used, even full, took some break-in. Dry. Not sure how porous ceramic is? Sometimes I’ll clean a bearing (steel), over lube it on purpose, then clean again. That’s helped some.

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I’ve noticed that the konkave bearings in higher-end Duncans get quieter the more you play them. Maybe this will be the same sort of thing. :+1:

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As an aside, I find it odd and kinda annoying that they call this yoyo simply the Civility, rather than something sensible like Bi-metal Civility. I guess we have to adopt ad hoc nicknames like “original Civility” and “new Civility” in order to avoid ambiguity, but even that’s less than ideal because for people who don’t know the difference, “new Civility” will require further elaboration. Clear, unambiguous product names should not be left up to consumers to come up with on their own.


How are you liking the civility so far ?

Now that I’ve installed a bearing and string that I like, it is pretty great. Powerful and stable and very comfortable in the hand. If I were to change anything about it I would shave a tiny bit of weight off it (but only a tiny bit). I am also tempted to put in slightly grippier response pads, but that’s only because I have a thing for tight, snappy binds (ala most One Drop throws) and this yoyo binds “normally”, if that makes any sense.


I always throw around a new yo-yo with the stock bearing at first… I don’t care if it is silent or screaming at me. I don’t hesitate to put a drop of lube in a new bearing just to keep it from eating itself alive before it breaks in.

Remember, a New bearing is ‘New’. The Factory doesn’t spend hours pre-spinning them for you.

Bearings are made from parts and pieces that in certain instances may not get along with each other as well as you would like. You ever go,out on a first date with somebody and it doesn’t start out well? It by the end of the evening, you are having a Great time? You just have to participate in making things happen/

A New bearing may need your participation to help it through that ‘1st date’. You can’t always blame the problem on the bearing before you try to be part of the solution.

Some bearings need a break in period, is all. And there is no specific amount of time. It can vary.

Throw it the way they sent it. Break it in or burn it up. Be stubborn, e patient and ‘Throw That sucker around’.

It may smooth out……. And it may not smooth out. Make the effort and find out.

I have had many experiences where I was patient with a bearing…… and didn’t even notice all of a sudden it wasn’t misbehaving, lol.

Sometimes the stars align and your efforts are rewarded. Get your monies worth and Rock that new bearing.

You can Always change it out….

And not be happy later…


Glad everyone is liking The Civility. I love it. That’s why my review is so glowing.


Definitely the case for pixel bearings.

Is that so? I have a pixel bearing and it was waaaack, I changed it instantly. I will try to break it in. I know ceramic need to be broken in.

I got a full ceramic bearing and it was my worst bearing at the start. Spend about 2 hours throwing sleeprs, and now its my best bearing. It just doesn’t stop