Any feedback on the NSK concave bearing?

If you’ve used them, I’m curious what your experience has been.

Really good bearings. And bearings def make a difference. Have them in most my fav throws. My personal fav though are pixel bearings.
These are very good, I think NSK also make cheaper ones.


I don’t have a concave made by them to my knowledge, but I love the DS bearings they make for YYR, as do many others. I’d expect that their concave is of similar quality.

Have you ever noticed a difference between the SS and gold plated?

Never tried the golden ones

There’s no difference if you’re going to play it a lot. The gold wears off with time. The platinum coating they use is more durable in my experience. That or it’s just harder to tell that it’s gone because it’s close to the same color as polished steel…

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honestly the real NSK Micro bearings are incredible. crazy smooth spinning, spin FOREVER, quiet. i only use them in my Ti throws cuz idk if a $20 bearing makes sense in a $50-100 mono metal lol

while the bearings are different, there is only minor difference in performance between the YYR DS Bearing types. SS is a 10 ball bearing with thicker inner race, while the platinum is actually made by NSK MIcro and is the same 8 ball thin inner race bearing as the NSK flat/concave/center trac. i use the SS YYR DS Bearings in basically all my throws though.


YYR DS Economy > YYR DS Platinum (IMO)

Theres something about the spin on the normal DS that has a “light” feeling to it. The DS Plat is incredible, but it is noticeably different. When spinning, the Plat sounds more “thick”(“thock” for the MK fans), whereas the Economy DS plays like its on ice, hard to explain, i know.

Anyone else have this experience?

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