The Brain Twisters.

How many brain twisters can you do and then bind or tug. Know you might what kind of challenge is this but this is because so that even beginners take part in it. And yes if the string wraps around finger you can stop and the string off and start from there. For example you do 25 get the string off and start counting from there.

Did 51 Brain Twisters and did bind.

52, and then I got bored

Seriously how would you even be able to count when it’s spinning so fast?

Doesn’t have to spin fast :wink:

If you are trying to get the most spins wouldn’t you do them as fast as you can? Mind you I’m a novice so my perception is probably off. Better I go test before I comment.

  1. Really screwed up my tension :stuck_out_tongue:

hmm! never done this trick.

  1. almost didnt get the bind

Challenge accepted… Tomorrow