The best entry line yoyo?

Which is your favorite, or that you think is best?
If other, list it! ;D

Entry to what?

I would consider none if those entry level

this thread again?


F.A.S.T 201!

these are all advanced yo-yos… except for the DMII. get that one.

Yoyojam Classic I think is best.

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Could we knock it off with these sort of answers to these kind of questions? It’s not helpful.

Now, onto the OP’s choices:

Yoyofactory DV888
Yoyojam Dark Magic II
Crucial Ayce
One Drop Cafe Racer
Something Firmy
Duncan Raptor

The question is ENTRY LEVEL yoyo.

The only one that is suitable is the DM2. I’m assuming entering from near nothing. The 2 bearings make te DM2 the only logical choice.

The Classic, as much as it really is awesome, it needs to be siliconed or the response replaced AND the bearing changed out, and for a beginner, that’s too much to ask from them. For a beginner willing to learn and put the effort in, it’s not so bad.

Another option is the Legacy II, giving you a cost effective option to the DM2.

Now, there’s nothing bad on the list itself though. I just feel this list is not suitable for entry. Entry should be affordable and plastic. The DM2 is plastic and metal, but I feel for what it does and is capable of, it is an ideal entry yoyo.

Personally, if someone wanted to make the smallest investment toward something that would take them the furthest, I’d probably recommend the Protostar.

I like cheaper yoyos, and some like the Whip and PSG are great fun, but the Protostar is the “cheaper” option that really feels like it can hang with the big boys more than any other. Both in the way it feels to throw, and how it plays.

But, that is obviously my own opinion.

Yup, comes responsive with O rings and slim size C bearing. Put in a regular C size bearing and take one O ring out and you got unresponsive play. Or you can just take both O rings out and Sili.

Dark Magic 2 if you have the money. If not, definitely go with the Classic. Like someone mentioned before, the two bearings thing is huge. You can take both from beginner to master

Personally, (yes I said personally as in the following is my opinion) just get whatever yoyo is within your budget that appeals to you.

A lot of people say you need to learn on a responsive yoyo (in other words, it won’t lay dead at the end of the string, and will return when you tug at it). Yes, it’s good to start on a responsive yoyo, because it can help your technique. It basically forces you to have good technique. An unresponsive yoyo can reinforce bad technique because they are MUCH more forgiving.

Another big thing is, you don’t want to sink a lot of money into a yoyo and never use it.

My first yoyo after deciding to venture into the hobby was a $120 metal Yoyofactory Skyline. I don’t regret starting on it. I was binding (little trick used to make unresponsive yoyo’s return to your hand) on the first/second day.

I would say, buy whatever you want. But know this; no matter what yoyo you buy, it won’t increase your skills. Any “pro” will be able to do most their tricks regardless of what yoyo they use. Pros can make a $10 yoyo look AMAZING and noobs can disgrace their $165.00 CLYW. It’s all about your devotion, practice, and patience.

Even with both O-rings, you can play fairly unresponsive on the YYJ Classic. You probably wouldn’t want to layer up a bunch of strings, but for many intermediate and even advanced tricks, you’re not likely to get an accidental bind.

Not that popping one out is a chore. :wink:

I do agree. I just prefer the way the binds are with flowable in my Classic. It is true, popping the rings out is real simple. You don’t need to use a pin or anything, you can just grab them right out. They stay in there until you WANT them out.