The Beast by Double Take Industries | YoYoSkills

Michael Montgomery is one of my favorite people in the yo-yo world. I think this is because he and I think very similarly. We both constantly have crazy yo-yo idea’s constantly haunting us and are constantly thinking of ways to push the industry forward. I love to talk to Mike and bounce ideas off him because he usually has a fresh perspective that my thought process hasn’t stumbled across yet. He is a nice guy and a talented thinker, which is a rare combination to find in someone. One of Mike’s many projects is Double Take Industries also known as DTI. Mike’s first yo-yo was the BaseBoost and was met with mixed reception. He went back to the drawing board and came up with a new yo-yo; The Beast. Mike got a Beast into my hands at Cal States and I have been testing it for review the last two weeks.

BEASTly review just ahead

man…I need to get me some DTI…!

DTI is good :smiley:

Too bad for you, you cant easily find em now ;D

glad i snagged one

Michael is a great guy and you can’t beat the beast for the price!

watch mikes streaming. he is awesome, and a great guy, answers your questions ASAP. just, awesome guy