DTI Beast - Yoasis Yoyo Review

DTI Beast
Reviewed by Chris Halbach, March 25, 2010


Some you may know who Michael Montgomery is. For those of you who don’t, he runs a home-brewed Yoyo company known as DTI. He has released 1 yoyo - the Bassboost - before now, and it got amazing reviews. When it hit YYE, they sold out pretty quickly. Well, not too long ago, he released the Beast to the Public. This yoyo was a mystery to most, and the shape looked pleasing. I myself had high hopes for it. Does it live up to expectations? We’ll see :slight_smile:

Diameter: 50mm
Width: 41.6mm
Gap: 4mm
Weight: 64 grams
Bearing: C
Response: Silicone O-Rings

When I received the yoyo, it came in a small white box with the yoyo snug inside and an orange string sitting in the cup of the yoyo. My first thoughts were “Shiny………” and “This thing is light!!!”. And that’s because it is. The yoyo is raw and looks polished, but I’m not sure to be honest.Whatever it is, it is pleasing. Now, the shape is by far my favorite thing about this yoyo. It’s a very wide yoyo if you look at width-to-diameter ratios, and I love it :slight_smile: The catch zone is very nice and wide. My other favorite thing about it is its size. POCKET YOYO! I knew it immediately. I would carry it like it was nothing. It’s wide, but not too wide that it won’t go into your pocket. So far, pleasing :slight_smile:
This yoyo weighs in at 64g. That’s light for most yoyos, but, honestly, it didn’t bother me. I would’ve like to see maybe a gram or 1.5 grams more, but, it’s still nice. it’s not a cloud, but it’s still light. So, preference matters here.

Response and Bearings:
The response, according to Mike, is what he called Onion Rings. So far, mine haven’t snagged. They provide fairly snappy binds and seem like they’ll last a pretty long while.
The bearing is a simple 8-ball. It gets the job done, not much to say about it.


This yoyo is fast, but truthfully, it will play at your speed if you want it to. Spin times aren’t the longest, but they’re not bad. Kind of in the middle. The yoyo is very stable, I’ll give it that. The width can seem to mess w/ the yoyo if you hit the sides, but most yoyos do that. Now, I found 1 flaw in this yoyo that made it different. The Vibe. The vibe on this yoyo is noticeable, but it’s not ridiculous. The problem seems, to me, to be a loose bearing seat. Not sure if that was a CAD problem or tolerance issue, but I think thats it. As for grinds, well, there is an IRG, but unless you get it blasted, there really wouldn’t be much grinding. Thumb grinds still work, but other grinds will make the yoyo grab your skin and shoot off. I do believe Mike said he’ll be blasting and anodizing in the next run, but I could be wrong.


Final Thoughts:

This yoyo is very good. My only suggestions would be to add a gram to the yoyo and try and fix the vibe. Now, don’t let those 2 things deter you from getting this yoyo. The Beast is an incredible yoyo, and I believe it is an amazing yoyo, especially for the price. If Mike could fix the 2 problems I stated, this yoyo would be perfect. Either way, I’m extremely glad I bought the yoyo! It’s an amazing pocket yoyo, and an amzing yoyo for the price.[/center]

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