Double-Take Industries BassBoost V2(Unbiased. Promise)

As some of you may know, I accepted a position with the yoyo company Double-Take Industries (DTI) a while back. Well our very first yoyo design was inspired by two subwoofers laying side by side, hence the name BassBoost. Alas, the first release was well over four months ago, and it was less than satisfying. Our original design vibed to no end. We decided we couldn’t release any more of these vibe monsters, so we went back to the drawing boards. Our next design yeilded even more vibe and wobble. But this time, we may have it right. This lady and gentlemens, is our new BassBoost review.

" Weighing in tonight at a respectful 65 grams, standing at a shade under two inches and an inch and six hundreth., with a gap of nearly one fifth of an inch. A heavyweight in our division, please welcome, the BassBoost!"

When I received my second rendition of the BassBoost, it was like being reintroduced to a sweety from my kindergarten class. Who was all grown up. It had all the same aspects, but now hotter, and a bit more fun. The IRG lip from the original is now gone. We cut it out to reduce weight. Holding the yoyo in my hand, it felt like I was hugging my Grandmother for the 100th time. Familiar, but with the some awkwardness due to the shape. On the first throw, I knew why these would sell out.

My first throw was completely vibe free (phew) and boy was it fast. We cut out alot of weight for these puppies, and while it’s hard to tell in the hand, you can feel the difference on the string. It felt like air was the only thing on the end of my string.

The BassBoost lends itself well to speed play, even with the semi awkward shape, it’s amazing. The catch zone on the BassBoost really is the entire yoyo. Due to the inward slant of the design, you hit the string everyime. Perfect for those difficult string hits. Although be warned that the light, center weighted body does tend to get hindered off balance every now and again. But if you have a proper throw, Fahget abawt et! This thing is so super fast, I just can’t get over it.

Along with a revamped design for the BassBoost, DTI also released a new type of response. A take on an old favorite, that at the moment we can only call “Onion Rings”. We are bringing back the O-ring response, but in a new way! The V2 BassBoosts have SQUARE O-rings! The life of an O-ring, but with the responsiveness of silicone. The Square outline of the Onion Ring allows it to sit flush with the hubs of the yoyo, while the circular shape still lends itself to tight binds and regens. It does take a little bit of time to wear down, but after the first hour of play, this thing is ready for the stage. It truly is a masterful creation from the mind of Mike Montgomery.

With a new feel, a new response, and a new design. DTI has captured the essence of yoyo in the 3rd take, of a soon to be Double-Take Industries classic. The BassBoost is a great weapon to have in your arsenal of yoyos, and makes me proud to say I am affiliated with DTI.

Check please.

i got a frirst run and i must say compleatly vibe free
from what you say about it being lighter i am glad i got a first run but it still sounds awesome

Awesome review. I need to get one of these.

Best comparison in a review ever. ;D

Edit: Any idea of when this version will come out?

We may still have some in stock at the website in my sig.

Otherwise, you’ll be seeing them soon. Trust me. :wink:

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Are the ones in stock at the DTI website the new version or not? I looked at the images and the response is the old response.

They are the new ones.
There are still some stock photos yup, but the are the new ones.

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