DTI is great!

it has been forever since i posted here… but on the post
I order a DTI beast and it was cutting strings and the axle didnt was suddenly not fitting so I e-mailed DTI and he resopned saying he would send me a new one after some delay he said he would send me something extra for the delay he sent me the one replacement yoyo and also 2 others! I just wanted it inform about the AWESOMENESS of dti and how great they are

i know, mike is the best!!

I’ve been wanted a DTI beast for some time now, but I heard that they sold out already.

I might end up selling or trading the extra 2 because i really dont have a need for it
pm me if you are interested

There good because they gave you free stuff, not because of there yoyos.

DTI puts a lot of effort into their yoyos, and they are some of the best I have ever played. Mike is a great guy, and tries really hard to make everyone happy, no matter what.

I love my Beast! And Mike is one of the coolest guys in yoyoing!!!

there are great because they sent me good free yoyos
being nice enough to give me one great replacement was good but 2 others? awesome
and as q said they are somme of the best yoyo i have played with

give me one of the extra 2 hahaha jk ;D

want one of dem beast…p to the m sent…