One of the coolest things I have ever discovered about yoyoing is those “led light kits” that you can put on basically, any yoyo they will fit on, which is most of them. (a simple matter of some double-sided tape or some super-glue- or both.) I found mine almost 4 years ago now, and I have barely missed an evening, of going outside in the dark, and entertaining myself (and sometimes my neighbors- haha) with the extraordinary light show they put on. Not only do they change colors (different shades of green, blue and red), but the light pattern itself, changes repeatedly over and over as the colors change, and what you end up with is, your own little version of the neatest light show you will ever find at the end of your yoyo. If you use a translucent plastic yoyo instead of a metal, the entire yoyo lights up instead of just the sides, but either way looks totally spectacular! Just the yoyo spinning with these lights on, are pretty cool all by themselves, but add to that, throwing your yoyo in different directions etc., as you do you favorite tricks and the like, and then you will quickly see that you have just discovered one of yoyoing’s best kept secrets!!! Another amazing part to all this is, these lights enable you to easily throw your yoyo in total darkness, very nearly the same as you can, when you can actually see what you are doing in the light etc… It’s just a simple matter of following the lights so to speak, and if you think throwing your yoyo is entertaining, you haven’t seen anything, until you try this. More fun than a barrel of monkeys- or I’ll eat my hat! It’s another whole aspect to throwing, (and one of the most FUN ones.) that most people are “missing out on”! The main reason for this article, is to let anyone know who is interested, that after searching for these led lights kits, in order to get a “spare set” for almost four years unsuccessfully, due to everyone being sold out all these years, I have finally found a vendor who sells them, and who actually has them available for very little money ($5.60 US funds per set- both sides, all four batteries included.) plus shipping from Japan I believe. The light kits themselves with the the two 392/384 batteries on each side weigh 2.9 grams times two for both sides, so if you start out with a light yoyo, for instance like the Code 1, you will end up with a total weight of 69.8 grams which is still  reasonable, and more fun than you can imagine. The batteries last anywhere from a few months to a year depending how much you use them, and I have found the Energizer brand online for $8.15 shipped, for all four batteries. If you go to a store like Walgreens etc., unfortunately you will pay $20 for all four batteries, so you are much better off buying your replacement batteries online. Considering the led light light kits come with the four batteries, in a way, you are getting the light kits for free, if you choose to look at it that way.
I know the forum rules, and so I cannot put a link for the led light kits in this article, but if you would like to pm me, I would be happy to send you the link. I know there have been a handful of yoyo vendors who used to offer these light kits, but for some reason none have been able to restock in over four years etc… So if you want to have a blast yoyoing outside at night, or just in the dark, or semi-dark- this is your chance, and the initial investment is not that much. I guarantee you, if you follow through and get the link from me, buy the led light kits and use them, you will be thanking me for years to come. I have been saying for years that these light kits are “yoyoing’s best kept secret”, and they really are! Now is finally your chance to discover them for yourself- they are finally available after all these years! Give’em a go!
:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::The only thing this amazing talent is missing in this video is, "THE AWESOMENESS OF THE AMAZING “LED LIGHT KITS”!!!