Shinwoo light kits

The shinwoo light kits are BOSS! the coolest. Attaching them to your yo requires modifications though. I put the kits in my Night Moves 5 . first i had to find disposable cups that fit the wells of my yo (they dont weigh much and are transparent, and cheap). I have the lights glued to the caps and hold the caps to the yo with reusable adhesive putty.

as for the lights themselves amazing . when you you have a very fast bind the springs might get wedged on the battery, causeing the lights to stay on. but you can just hit it and free the spring. the colors come out in patterns of red blue and green. varying in speed from short bursts to long fades. in my opinion well worth the money. I have yet to test the battery life. i also dont know the battery size , or how easy/hard it is to replace the batteries.

any one know the battery size?

I’m trying to get some skills because I have an application for these as well. I also need a counterweight that is an LED light-up. I wonder how practical it would be to have a fiber optic element string or a fiber optic element woven into the string, or maybe glowing string.

Batteries should be easy. Take it out and it SHOULD have sufficient information for you to find out what to get for replacements. Also, most LED stuff, the batteries tend to last a long time.

Depending on what it needs, there’s this guy who sells batteries on Ebay in small, medium and large quantities. The prices are super inexpensive and he ships fast.

I just hope you mounted your lights in a way where you can change the batteries.

They are just watch batteries and should be able to get them at walmart.

There’s about 100 types of watch batteries though. They always take out the existing and match it to the replacement. Some have different draws and life and chemical technologies.

Not to mention size.

I know that but all that extra stuff won’t matter to a light kit. As long as the voltage is close. Not even right on.

OK. I’ll keep that in mind when I’m trying to cram the wrong sized battery into there.

Come on…Of course you have to have the same size… I didn’t take these kids as that stupid.


As long as the size is right it should work. I’ve fooled with different voltages that are the same size. It works

Trust me, these days people are that stupid.

The story I like to relate was the guy screaming at my why his modem(external) would not work. Claimed the lights worked, the display was fine(it has a 2 line LCD display, this model has), the cable was right… so on and so forth. Yelling and cursing at me. I had to say: OK, let’s just start over just for the heck of it. Let’s just make sure the power supply is plugged in".

Customer responds “Uh, the power supply isn’t here.”
Where is it?
It’s with the modem. OK,so whats the problem them? The modem was left in his car.

Error ID 10 T in full effect.

My Cititzen watch uses a different battery than my Lorus, and my Casio watch uses yet a different battery. All are different sizes.

Screw that. I wear a Rolex these days! Perpetual winding!

Do not buy these light kits . battery time is about 3 hours. If you want a night time yoyo buy the yyf starlite for $20 and a high lumen flashlight , I found a 130 lumen light for $20 at target, the light kits are to impractical. and heavy.

3 hour battery life? That doesn’t sound bad to me. I can practice with the yoyo at the proper weight, saving the battery for showtime.

The lights do add 2 grams each, which may not sound alot, but keep in in mind you need 2. For some, that might be too much weight.

There’s also some videos on how to install the lights. They are starting points, as your yoyo may vary. If YYE has these in stock, I need to get a pair and a clear Duncan Hayabusa to install these into.