The awesome power of the Higby's!!!

Rocket and mommy

Performing with Rocket too!!!

That’s crazy!

Rocket no like the paparazzi!

I’m gonna go ahead and say it… I wish I could experience a Childhood like Rocket is going to have.

(I was gonna say “I wish I was rocket”, but as I typed it out, it struck me as a bit creepy for some reason… Not really sure why)

can’t wait till he’s facing forward on a back-carrier and they give him a pair of sunsets too.
what goes around comes around, rebecca!

hahahahahahahahha awesome

I thought the same thing! I can see it now. Six sunsets at once? Oh Yeah!

This kid probably has the best parents a kid could ever want.

To be able to grow up around that.
I bet he doesn’t like it in his teen years though

Yeah. Sad idea, but certainly a good possibility.

I wonder if those 2 would adopt me…HAHA KIDDING GUYS!. But it’d be funny to check out.

Let’s check on that Brain!

Rocket is seriously the most awesome name ever.

Traveling the world as a teen? I I’d be all over that!!!

True. But i was talking about the yoyo aspect of it, never having any friends in one certain spot and always moving. Just seems like the quintessential “teen hates parents and what they do” plotline to me…

They have a home in a burb of Boston. They are there most of the time. It’s not like they never have a home. They aren’t military or anything. lol They do a show then go home. I grew up in a similar fashion. My parents are artists and they sold their work at art shows all over the US. I have been to all the lower 48 states. I wouldn’t trade it in for the world.

I thought thatit was like a booked solid schedule, we need to tutor you on the road, kind of operation.
Mah bad

No worries. they do a lot in their own state too.

the higby house is HEAVEN. got a yo-yo museum, crazy space-age decor (in a 3-story log cabin), a wooded lot with a stream (with otters!).

and try as i might, imagining a higby with serious ‘angst’ seems pretty unnatural. they’re some of the most chill people i’ve ever met. they’ve just got it together, and i’m pretty sure t-rocket will follow in those footsteps.

So, I’m oficially up for adoption, Ed, put in a word for me? haha