The Ariana Grande Thread

So as some may know,Ariana Grande is a very successful Singer/actress. There are some people out there that are huge fans of her. I wanted to show my appreciation for her and also see if anyone else admires her too. No hate or disrespect, but if this does become an arguing thread, I will tell a mod! So please post away!

She is the perfect woman, and I have nothing but love for her.

I’ve never heard of her. Is she one of those Disney stars?

[edit]Smacks self in forehead… I totally deserve a snarky “Let me Google that for you” response…[/edit]

Ooo! She’s so funny in Victorious! She acts so stupid! Haha!

Michael Stecz is going to kill you all…she’s taken by him already

It is not our fault that she is attractive.

Well he must have wrestled for her with Kolton and Kurti because they like her too…

She is an amazing actress and I can’t wait to see her down the road a few years. can’t wait to see her kills get even better

Does she play Dexter Morgan’s protege or something?

Greg,just Google her…

I did; that one was meant to be a joke because johnson said “her kills get even better”. :wink: Dexter Morgan being a serial killer on “Dexter” and all…