Can someone please tell me

why one of the most popular girls at my school who’s never even talked to me now follows C3yoyodesign, CaribouChris, and Ann Connoly on Instagram??

I guess this is a good thing. :stuck_out_tongue:

sounds like a good excuse to talk to her to me.


No one at my school really cares…the other dude who throws doesn’t even know who Zach Gormley is…


And one of my closest yo-yo friends(he’s been throwing for two years) had no idea who Graeme Steller was until I showed him

Gasp again!

Props cause shallow instagramers follow boat loads of random people that people they follow follow, just in hopes that some might follow back.

I follow Zach Gormley and Graeme Steller on Twitter, and Zammy and Caribou Chris follow me…



Who’s Zach Gormley?

To answer your question, my guess is that she enjoys hearing about C3yoyodesign, CaribouChris, and Ann Connolly.

PLEASE say you’re joking…I’m shaking so bad right now…

although can you please answer him. I need to know too. People keep talking about him and I’m just clueless.

Ditto… I don’t know who he is either…

This is sad. He’s a yoyoer.

Zach Gormley is sponsored by CLYW and is currently 1st in 1a in the US

I can’t believe that you thought I was serious,but either way I applaud you for not having a break down because I didn’t know who he was. 5 points to you.


There were other people that didn’t know,which I can understand…