Anyone like the show? I’m a huge fan. Season six premier was last night and it was pretty awesome. Don’t really know what to expect this season but I sure hope its as good as the first three seasons (though all five seasons so far has been great!)

If you haven’t saw it, you should. Kinda edgy so probably not for the faint of heart.

Dexter’s laboratory?


Watched all 5 seasons on demand recently and became hooked. And yes the premier was sweet.

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Awesome Awesome show!!!

Can’t wait to see the new season, but I don’t have Showtime, so i’ll have to wait!

I ordered Showtime just for this season.

I watched Homeland after Dexter and it looks promising as well! I may have to keep Showtime, even when Dexter isn’t airing.

Yeah, I might order HBO for True Blood and Showtime for Dexter next year. Then drop em after the shows are over.

Never watched an episode of True Blood but I’ve heard OK things about it.

I have seen one episode and it was awesome.

New episode tonight. Although it’s kind of storming, I hope my satellite doesn’t go out.

saaad face.