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(Ethanael) #1

Hi, I was wondering if something had happend to the app version of this, it stopped working on my phone ?

(André Boulay) #2

Yes - good point… I’ll make a new topic to address what is going on here and link you back to it.

(Ethanael) #3

Ok, Thanks!

(André Boulay) #4

So here is the deal on the iOS and android app we had!

I made a note in the ‘welcome’ post to explain a bit.

Please note the ‘old YoYoExpert App’ we had will no longer work with the new forum software. This current software is built from the ground up to work perfect on mobile! If you wish to get notifications on your phone you can download the Discourse App for iPhone or iPad or the Android App. You can also enable notifications on any modern desktop browser.

So in terms of notifications on iOS you can use the app (or on android I think built in browsers). Long term we have a HUGE website overhaul that is coming end of the summer - it is very possible that there could be an app at that time (though we are really building everything here to be mobile friendly first which in many ways can be superior to an app experience - at least for what we are going for) - but time will tell!

Curious if there is anything else about the app you liked or will miss, etc.


YoYoExpert App not working?
Android YoYoExpert App - Broken?

The main thing people would get out of the Discourse app are native phone notifications, if that is of interest. Here are direct links:

It really depends, if you tend to use email a lot, the built in email notification system is quite comprehensive and you may not miss “native” phone notifications at all. If you don’t tend to use email very much, you may prefer the app.


End of summer eh @AndreBoulay? :wink:

(André Boulay) #7

So soon! :blush: