Thought I would take a minute to try to plug one my favorite yoyos of all time; the Juggernaut. It is a complete mystery to me why they have not been totally sold out by now. The Juggernaut has absolutely everything going for it. From its perfect 67.5 gram weight, to its classic shape, and then you have the stunning graphics along with the very cool hard-coat finish. And then, what tops off this spectacular yoyo, is its way above average spintimes. Spintime-wise, the Juggernaut beats most of them out there. Personally, until the Juggernaut came along, I had never seen a yoyo with a C size bearing that spins as if it were an sb. It is absolutely incredible the way the Juggernaut spins; almost as if it has a “power source” driving it. If there is such thing as a “perfect” yoyo, for my own personal taste anyway, the Juggernaut comes very close right out of the can. Once you swap out the Dif-pads it comes with, for either Crucial Ghost pads or Barking Spiders, or even flowable, you then, do indeed have what I consider to be, “a perfect yoyo”. If you have never had the chance to at least try out a Juggernaut, then you have to put it on your list of things to do. You won’t regret it!!!

Why is this in Unrelated?

I’ve used a juggernaut before and loved it, but I’m not gonna buy one from a store purely because I don’t have $190 that I’m able to tie up in yoyos