Casual Throw Reviews - Dif-e-yo Juggernaut

So, I dropped my newest yoyo review on my YouTube channel earlier today. It focuses on an older yoyo that is still readily available now, the Dif-e-yo Juggernaut. My approach to yoyo reviews emphasizes not the initial reaction and play during the “honeymoon” phase, but my take on throws after I’ve had them for weeks or months so I can speak a bit to how they age and provide some commentary after the initial excitement has worn off. My channel also includes some Retrospectives (older yoyos revisited) and tutorials geared toward beginning to intermediate players. Lots more to come.

Enough rambling. Here’s the newest review. I’ll post others below as I drop them. Thanks in advance if you decide to check it out. An even bigger thanks if you like and/or subscribe!


I enjoyed your review, got a new subscriber here!


Dig the review man. Subscribed


Thanks for the review!

Really nice made in the USA stuff. Top Quality.


I consider it a red flag when a yoyo has been out of production for over a year but still available to buy new online. Dif-e-yo is high quality and durable though.


Not as much as a red flag as it may seem. Many great yoyos simply get forgotten about and collect dust on store shelves.


Thanks for the comments and support, @Buttermilk, @Bjorn_ofyoyo, @Glenacius_K, and @Egon. I appreciate it.

Honestly, I wondered myself about the Juggernaut before I bought it because of what @Egon said and because I couldn’t find a lot out there about it, at least nothing recent. That was part of the reason why I wanted to review that yoyo specifically. I would say that generally your point probably stands. This is an exception to that rule.


The military grade hard coat anno on the Juggernaut is top notch as well, more durable than most.


It absolutely is. Love the look (and feel!) as well.