Dif-e-Yo JUGGERNAUT For Sale!

I got the Dif-e-Yo JUGGERNAUT in the Raffle at the VA States Yoyo Contest!
It’s a pretty good yoyo, I am just selling in because I am more in to Yoyofactory, and just getting in to SPYY.

It Comes Stock with a Koncave Bearing! It is SUPER Smooth! It is Extremely Silent, almost Completely Silent. It can handle pretty much any String Trick you Throw at it. It’s Black, and looks Awesome!

Here is some Pics:

Now, Here are the Only Yoyos that I will Trade for this:
YYF Primo (Green-Yellow Acid Wash)
YYF Superstar (Teal Blue Acid Wash)
YYF Aqua or Blue 2007 888 (Or Ocho8Ocho)
YYF DNA (Orange)
YYF Protostar (Red) with a YYF Lunatic (Blue)
SPYY Punchline (Any Color besides Red)

My JUGGERNAUT is Completely Mint, So I will Only trade for these yoyos if they are Mint, or Close to Mint. The 2 yoyos out of all of those that i really want are the YYF Primo (Green-Yellow Acid Wash) and the SPYY Puchline (Any Color besides Red).

The Pictures above should show up, if they don’t you could always look at the pictures they have on the Yoyoexpert site. It looks just those pictures.
Please Reply to this post, or send me a message if you have any of these yoyo and want to trade for my Dif-e-Yo JUGGERNAUT.
Thanks! :slight_smile:

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