FS/ Maybe FT: G&E1, NM3, Dif-e-Yos


Hey guys, I’m new here, but I’ve been into yoyoing for a long time.  I’m looking to move my huge collection, to make some extra cash since I’ve been laid off.  Here’s what I’ve got for sale right now:



As close to mint as yoyos get without still being sealed.  Never been thrown, only displayed behind glass.  Comes with original tube packaging and all extras. ASKING $150

Night Moves 3

Also basically mint, never thrown.  It’s one of many, many NM3’s I have.  If you’re not crazy about the color, ask me, I’ve got others.  ASKING $75

Dif-e-Yo Wide Sport

This one has seen some play, but is still in excellent condition.  I will not say it’s perfect, but if it does have any dings or pinpricks, I haven’t found them.  Little bit of rust on the bearing (pictured).  ASKING $75

Dif-e-Yo Wide Load Limited Edition Nickel Plated

One of the original limited edition runs.  Never played, behind glass it’s whole life.  Very attractive piece for a collector.  Comes with that little stand.  ASKING $150

[s]Playmaxx Cold Fusion GT

This one is a little banged up, but still plays like a dream, very smooth.  It is modified to take a large SPR, and has a KonKave bearing in it.  I played with this for years, and is a testament to how ahead of it’s time this little yoyo was.  It’s a real champ.[/s]  TRADED!

That’s it for now, as these sell off, I’ll be updating it with new things from the collection.  You can see my entire collection (ALL FOR SALE!) at photobucket.com/yosale.

I’m not really very interested in trades, would prefer cash, but I’d entertain stuff from:
CLYW (specifically a Gnarwhal, Wooly Marmot, or Campfire)
Anti Yo
String Theory
One Drop
General Yo
Northern Spin Helix

Also, I know some people are wary of new sellers, so here’s my ebay feedback:


Hopefully that will assuage any fears until I can build my reputation in the community.  Hope to hear from you!


It’s a bump!


What is the cheapest your are willing to sll this yoyo for ? Dif-e-yo wide sport



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