The 10 Sickest Yo-Yo Videos, EVER

(MikeMonty) #1

In no particular order these are the 10 Sickest videos I’ve ever seen. Let me know in the comments what video’s you think I’ve missed and why. Thanks to Chris Allen, Zammy Ickler, Matthew Marie II, Edward Trinidad, Tyler Koske, and Jacob Hollis for their suggestions!

Includes videos by Augie Fash, Whip, Mikhail Tulabut, Ignitus, Johnnie Delvalle, Andre Boulay, Mark Montgomery, Guy Wright, Takeshi, and David Ung. Bonus videos by Tommy Gun and Chris Allen.

If you think I’ve missed an important video let me know what it was in the comments and why I should have included it. I’ll take note of them and possibly will include them in a revisit to the post. :slight_smile:




Chuck has always been an amazing yoyoer, but here he comes out of nowhere to bring a brilliantly filmed video.

Ed Haponik’s unique and original style of filming videos is really refreshing. Added onto the fact that he’s a genuinely cool guy, and he shows that as well as his great outlook toward life and yoyos through his videos.

Need I say anything? So fresh, so original, so good.


These are the kinds of posts I miss.


hopefully this ones obvious


Can You Say Fresh? - Tyler Rose

Severe - Tyler Severance

The Delaware 5a Video - T-Sev, D-Sev, and JonRob

Enjoi!  :wink: