That "Plastic whip help" thread again

I’ve used the search engine and read several threads, but I still can’t understand my problem. When I do the plastic whip, which I can hit very regularly, I end up in a configuration in which, if I drop the yoyo, I end up with a knot around the bearing. My middle finger with the knot on it ends up in between the loop around my thumb. I’m right handed btw. I’ve tried catching the yoyo from both sides and still have issues.

Frustratingly, Once in awhile I will come up with the proper configuration by accident. Strange.

I’ve watched many videos and tried and tried to grasp the problem conceptually but I can’t get it.

Important note: I had a car crash two years ago and I had a TBI. I have post concussive syndrome. Sometimes simple concepts elude me. Something I would have previously seen instantly, is now obscured. It’s random. I can learn and learn and learn, and then get stuck on a minor detail that should be glaringly obvious and would be to anyone else. Thank you for your help and understanding.

I had the same problem for a while :slight_smile:

What strings are you using? I find that this happens to me more often if my string tension is no good, or if my string is worn past a certain point. I’ve since started using nylon string, and after some mental adjustment, whips are MUCH easier to hit now.

Also, you might be popping the yoyo up too high. If it’s a little too high, it gives the string coming from your middle finger too much “dwell time” to interfere while the yoyo mounts the slack, giving you your string formation. Make sense?

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This might be overkill but it will give you some useful information…

If you have a good camcorder or even your cell phone<> video tape yourself doing the trick(s).

In slow motion mode. Or convert to slow motion. Obviously you have to be using a good angle with good lighting🤓.

You would/will be Amazed at what you might learn from actually watching yourself move through trick segments.

You ever go bowling or at least watch people bowling? You may notice that right at the moment a person hurls the ball down the lane; they often put some last second ‘body english’ (torque their body one way or another) to get that little extra magic on the ball in an effort to knock down the pins.

As in throwing yoyos; players often put little ‘hand english’ as they move through a trick. They rotate their wrist or bend their thumb in or out. Or have one hand too high or too low or they have a jerking motion as they try to ‘rip da trick’.

If you ever notice André has such excellent form in his trick tuts. There is a reason. Consistent motions result in a higher percentage of consistent results.

Sometimes you need to see what you are doing to understand what is undermining your results.

Yes, make sure your string tension is neutral. I have this same problem with Iron and Jade Whips. When I’m doing them a lot they get better, but… I’d really like to be able to land on either string at will, as each lends itself to different directions of elements.

Doc’s suggestion is a good one, and I think I’ll try it myself with IW and JW.

I had the same problem when I learned that trick. What I found was that when I performed the trick the slack would travel over my wrist and then into the yoyo. I was able to correct it by making sure that the slack stayed on the left side of my hand. I don’t know if that will help you at all but I hope you get it worked out. :slight_smile:

Watch a trick in slow motion a few times, also a wider yoyo will help in the beginning.

When I do get it right I like to end it with a one handed bind.

Thanks everyone. I will be filming myself to see what I’m doing wrong. I stay on top of string tension and I’m using a wide yoyo. I think RccIV has the key. The wrong side of the slack is hitting the yoyo. I had to sit on the couch, make the slack and manually place the loop around the yoyo to figure it out. I probably would have seen this immediately or at least earlier before my head injury. Or maybe yoyo is just one of those things that you grock, a chunk at a time.

Thanks. Time to set up my iphone and film myself to see just how bad I am :slight_smile:

Wow, I thought I’d ‘known’ the plastic whip for 3 months, but this made me realize I’ve been doing it wrong all along. I’ve always sent the loop over left+center, which causes the following bind to have a giant loop that requires multiple throws to undo. Sending the loop over center+right makes the thumb strings end up in front, (rather than the back) which makes the following bind perfect.

Not sure if you’re running into the same issue I was but know that you’re definitely not alone in missing ‘obvious’ things.