That next step


So how do I get there? I’ve done pretty much everything on YYE and Rethinkyoyo, and I need to up my game, as I want to start competing soon.


I think the next step would be to come up with original tricks and combos, ones that work well with your style and have good flow.


Yup. Make up your own tricks. Figure out what tricks or elements that you know and that are your favorite, and experiment with them to make tricks that fit your style.


Spend at least an hour a day on YouTube looking up videos… Then copy them.


I think the next step is to smooth out what you know, practice it to where you don’t need to think about it, then start building routines. Attend meets and clubs, work with other people and see where you place, where you fit in. Share what you know, learn what you can, then make up the rest.

That’s one way of uppping your game.


Take what you’ve learned and Build a style off of it.