Thank You, Yoyo Community


Today, it just struck me that many people would have quit yoyoing if it wasn’t for the community that has developed to be a nice and helpful source. The hobby would have quickly faded away in the same direction a fad would. You obsess over something for a month or two, but the fun slowly diminishes until you’ve completely lost interest.

So, I just wanted to thank the yoyo community for being what it is. Also, a thanks to Yoyoexpert for pulling the forum together.



Well thank you to for being a part of are awesome hobby and BEAST forum! ;D


… ^^^ yes and try to share your joy with others as well…

The more the merrier!!!


three years and still going strong… youre right… without the community i woulda stopped a long time ago


Ya I loe this communtiy! And even at contests they are great!


The yoyo community is why I consider picking up the hobby to be one of the best decisions of my life.


Me too! And it’s been 1 year for me.


Yye is a lot better then that random dude at your school who decided to stick with it too.


I remember maaybe 2 years ago at my school, EVERYONE yoyoed, because it was, “cool”, then the next year, no one except the actual yoyoers did. So I agree with you. YYE is a great place for inspiration, I started doing 5a again because of a video I saw here, and I kept on yoyoing instead of quitting because of this place, thanks YYE. ;D


I would like to thank the academy… oh, and the yo-yo community. 4 years, simple and to the point, haven’t given up. I will achieve that dream of mine.