Thank you Elvin

I am grateful to Elvin for the many amazing throws that I have been able to pick up from RSO over the years. I recently received the Mechabapezilla Side Effects. It is amazing and looks great very clean. I could not be happier with it.
When I received the package in the mail. The package was bigger than I had expected? When I opened the box, I was surprised to see 2 throws in the box. After checking with Elvin at RSO to be sure I did not receive another order by mistake. I opened both throws the inside was the Mechabapezilla Side Effects

Elvin said. THE BOWL XL XTRA HARD was a gift for RSO Supporters.

It’s actually a newly machined run of about 30 pieces only. Elvin included it in the packages of about 20 of those who have been supporting RSO all a while. It’s a different version from the first run, 3g lighter than the OG. Called the “Popsicle Edition”.

Thank you Elvin


Samesies. Words cannot express the joy of receiving a box disproportionate (bigger) to what you ordered by surprise!!! Thanks @lytelvin - ur the man. Keep making those amazing throws.


Interesting that you call this a good thing. I have never received an extra throw when I have not ordered it.

I remember watching a TV special a few years ago about a Spanish Tile company that took its “loyal” customer for an “appreciation cruise” on a large cruise ship; with all the amenities.

Some call it “appreciation”; some have a different term.

And…… What exactly is that different term?

You have an Axe to grind about Elvin?

Spit it out….

Why would you feel compelled to Suck the life out of the kids free yo-yo party?


To tell you the truth, I have received an extra throw before, that I did not order or pay for. Anther yo-yo site and company that sells YoYos and has many videos about yo-yo trick elements sent me 2, silver & blue fade Ethos bimetal throws when I only ordered and payed for one. I called spoke with someone at said Co. they were confused how it happened and I sent the 2nd throw back. End of story, it happened to me 2 times now. Once it was a mistake, the second time it was a wonderful gesture that I appreciate because it did not have to be done. Plus I am really enjoying a very large throw I did ever think it would feel so comfortable with a throw this big.
Yo-yo growth


I have a term for it. It’s “sour grapes”.


I don’t know what’s up with the @YoyoGeezer but his last few comments on various posts have been baseless and condescending to the poster.


Yes, I too was a recipient of this fine extra oversized yoyo…what an absolute treat!

I find the extras to be most excellent and they have further hardened my love for RSO and emboldened my passion of yoyo, in general.

One day, if I ever manage to make and sell my own yoyos, I intend to emulate these fine business practices…this is the sort of impression that has been left with me.

Thank you for all that you do @lytelvin , keep up the amazing work!


Just bought one of those Popsicle Edition Bowl XLs - super excited for it to arrive!