Tessa Piccillo

Thoughts? I just wanted to post this its not mine

I love it personally. She’s worked hard to get to this point and the video doesn’t even show case everything she can do.

Nothing not to like here. Tessa doing awesome tricks all over the place and having fun. Great music and great camerawork. No pretentious crap.

I agree! I wish she did that horizontal banger that she did at worlds

Enlighten me, what is the community divided on? I only watched like the first 10 seconds lol (not an insult, I’m a Tessa fan) but it just looked like your average professional yoyo video

I honestly don’t want to hear it. Whatever it is, let it die.


That’s a great video

Insanely good! She’s got a unique style to her, it’s a joy to watch. :slight_smile:

She’s going to mop up at Worlds if she attends. Would be great to see her win the whole thing actually. :stuck_out_tongue:

I second that Notion.

that depends, if Julia Aleksandra Gutowska is there and has a really good freestyle, I think that would give Tessa Piccillo a run for her money (at least in the women’s division that is). Also I have to say this video is awesome.

I wonder if she will be the first female player to win US Nats

She wouldn’t be the first, but it would be great to see her win it. She’s developed a lot in recent years and I think she is one of the most talented players in the country.

^ I mean in the 1A division.

She is awesome. I like that she has such a smooth style to her play. Her knew yoyo is pretty rad as well.

I dig the video

She’s great she has such a fluid and fresh style. What is not to like?

Man I knew she was something when the Trigger video came out years ago, but holy cow just got a new favorite thrower.