I found this vid

Found this while scrolling down sidebars on Youtube. A girl yoyoer, and an amazingly skilled one at that. Holy cow, she is good.


Holy moly she is good. :o


Double that

i agree, nothing really original at all, but super skilled for sure

Woah that was crazy and amazing!

I concur.

I totally agree, EPIC!!

Where did she come from?!?! Amazing

The speed on the girl is craZZZY

Wow she’s like a girl Mickey!


I met her at worlds, I believe her name is Mimi, I got video of her at worlds, and she has the best shoes, so lol yeah!!

yeah, originality wasn’t at all present it seemed :-\ good thrower for sure though

yep! Mimi Thian! One of the best female players in malaysia!

tripple that