I just was browsing youtube when i saw this…

Are there anymore undiscovered or not “popular” female yoyoers that are good? Post videos!

Woah she’s really good. Tessa Piccillo comes to mind.

Not this again… lol… It’s been a while since the sexism storm calmed down.

But as for the video you posted.  Amazing.  Very, very inspiring…  I could care less if it was a girl, boy, man, child, elderly… that was a really good video.

Here is a yoyo lady who may be widely known, but you don’t see much on the forums…

Incredible stuff.


I think Mimi Thian runs a popular online Malaysian yoyo shop that recently opened a retail store. She may not be well known to you, but she’s plenty well known to lots of other people. But I guess it’s always good to highlight talented throwers.

I posted this a while back. She’s really good. Not much original content, but good skill.

My favorite female yoyoer (for looks and skill) is Ewelina Wejner from CLYW


Mimi Thian has been one of my top favorites since she released her first video. The ladies bring some badly needed grace and beauty back to an art that has become too athletic in recent years.

Glenn Godsey

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agreed and just wait I could be like that one day and then you could say you knew me when…

Corli du Toit. Look her up, you won’t regret it.

Corli took 2nd at uk nats and was got the best female award at eyyc in 2010. Perhaps she’s not that well known here, but I think she’s pretty big in the uk. I think she even has her own yye card.

Were we looking up videos or pics? I was disappointed by pics, but was impressed with her videos!

How are pictures supposed to represent someone’s yoyoing?

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This was posted by CLYW on Facebook just today:

yup. I have it.

Lol… They don’t. That’s okay though, I watched the video

Farrah siegel is amazing at 2a shes sponsored by yoyojam and mostly just does school performances now but I think she is in the US national archives for best female player of the year.