Terrapin Wing Cut

I have a wing cut that’s kind of getting loud lately, and I want to lube it, but I heard somewhere you don’t need to lube Terrapins, so what should I do? Does this only apply to the ceramics or something? I don’t think mine is ceramic…

put a tad bit of lube in it, orrr contact the terrapin dude directly and ask him.

^ What he said

@OP I think that only applies to ceramics. But even if your’s is ceramic I tiny bit of lube shouldn’t hurt.

Terrapin guy tells you not to lube. The more accurate way to phrase it is that he doesn’t believe they NEED lubrication.

Frank Difeo, no slouch in the bearing world, advises a tiny bit of lube even for ceramic bearings, and I agree. It will affect performance in a minor way the same as adding lube to a steel bearing would, but you will get smoother and quieter performance.

Terrapin X S/C ceramic bearings never need lube. The are rated for 100,000 rpm continuous duty.
Unlike track bearings.

If it makes a bit of noise after a while just spin it in acetone and flick dry.
No lube required.