terms in playing yoyo

what is vibe, wobble and dings???im a newbie

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Vibe: The string wobbling side to side.
Wobble: The yoyo wobbling side to side.
Dings: dents in your yoyo.

Just to add to what Mista said.

Vibe is the yoyo spinning but not smooth. You can see it in the string moving side to side when the yoyo is hanging and spinning.

thank you…how to avoid vibe and wobble?

Tuning your yoyos will minimize vibe. Practicing your throw will reduce wobble. :smiley:

is vibe and wobble can affect the performance of the yoyo?

Wobble can. But vibe only will when it is at an extreme. Many yoyos come stock with a bit of vibe and thats just how it is.

Vibe is the result of poor manufacturing quality-control.
Wobble is the result of poor yoyo control. ;D

dings are a result of much love or much hate

Dings are the result of what happens when a yoyo smacks the floor.

Vibe, is short for vibration, and is simply the vibration felt when the yoyo is thrown. Almost all yoyos will have some form of vibe, but generally, the cheaper ones will have a greater vibe.

Wobble- Something you can see. The yoyo wobbles if it was not thrown straight, or it can be, but very rarely, a manufacturing problem. Basically, the yoyo does not spin straight. A proper spin would look like the yoyo wasn’t moving. A wobble will look like the yoyo is off axis and spinning erratically.