Vibe Explained


Just a short video aimed at the newer guys that explains what this vibe thing is all about.


I disagree with the vibe not affecting performance. While small amounts won’t to a noticeable degree, vibe does hold back a yoyo from being at it’s peak in performance. Vibe means there is a lack of precision, and in a toy where precision plays a huge role in performance, that can be very prevalent. Because the yoyo is not spinning true, then that adds to more friction on the bearing, and other factors, which will reduce sleep times. Also, by today’s standards, if Magic Yoyos can have no vibe and be under $15 a throw, then a line of more expensive yoyos that do have vibe should be criticized. Even plastics today are starting to become vibeless. Of course, as a modder, I hold a different opinion of vibe than competition players. Other than that, the video can be very informative to newer throwers who choose to search into it :slight_smile:


Vibe does not affect performance much as long as it is not vibing out of control. It really just comes down to personal preference.


Out of control vibe would be Wobble in my opinion. Vibe should be almost imperceptible visually or to the feel. If you can see it readily it’s what I would call wobble.


I’m not quite agree with what you say.
Certainly a slight vibe (I speak of vibe, no wobble which is entirely different) is a sign of something that did not work well in the works, but not the lack of precision! … Maybe he threaded the axis based not lined or maybe it’s a cause that does not depend on the manufacturing process, it may depend on the aluminum bar that at some point had been extruded a way not entirely correct and had a partial portion with abnormal density.
the vibration has not the slightest influence on spin of the yoyo, doesn’t create any resistance to the bearing and doesn’t affect to the play, except in special situations such as grabs and grinds.

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To a certain point it does create more resistance on the bearing. Try flicking a bearing held on a bearing remover and wait until it stops, then try flicking it again but this time shake the bearing while it’s spinning, it will slow down quicker.
Though the effect is probably negligible.
Also if the vibe can be felt on the string (as opposed to ‘visual only’ vibe that still play smooth), that means the weight is slightly off center, so when spinning the yoyo literally bobs up and down. This will definitely slow it down because some of the momentum that is converted to ‘bobbing up’ will have to fight gravity.


I repeat

we speak of vibe or wobble ???
The vibe has an influence in terms of the game is imperceptible to the user (you can evaluate whether your yoyo has 2 tenths of a second spin in less?!?!)

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I will quote myself though.


I hear you guys. My point for more experienced throwers is that we get hung up on vibe when most of the time our yoyos can out throw us. Basically, my yoyo has higher performance than I do.

Gentry won worlds with a Replay. And that was not because the replay is the best throw ever, and it’s not because he searched through hundreds of replays to find the perfect one, it’s because the practiced obsessively and got gud.

Unless you are trying to fingerspin a No Jive, it’s probably you not the throw, so worry less about vibe and just have fun.


Seems like for 99.9% of players 99% of the time vibe doesn’t matter at all. Now, if I buy a high-end boutique yo-yo, I want it to be butter smooth, but that’s not because I think it makes me a better player.

Good discussion. I like the video. I agree that vibe is something that needs to be explained to new players because it probably gets more hype than it should.


then you agree with me that in practice we are talking about nothing


Guys, CLYW already explained what Vibe is about 3 years ago.  No need for another video.

Here is the original ;D

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Nahh, we like arguing and making assumptions, not watching scientific evidence.


Maybe, but what video did you watch?