Hey guys, I’m Andre Teno from Brazil !
After years of not practicing like I use to and not updating my tricks I bring you this lol

inb4 strong first post lol

Cheers from Brazil!

Hmmm, I wonder what a little practice would do… :smiley:

I remember you from the past.
Still awesome tricks, loved it

thanks for sharing!

yeah, sometimes I wonder that too but it seems like these “new-school” tricks are not so cool like they used to be lol

That was awesome!! so focused on style as opposed to technicality!!

Hi Teno :3, tricks look good. Slow, smooth, and deliberate. Things you don’t see a lot of nowadays.

teno meu garoto joga muito! XD

Hey Randy ! I’m glad you liked and I have to agree with you about tricks nowadays, they’re too fast paced, IMO that destroys style.

@lucasred valeu meu quirido !! hahah