new video, Brazilian player 1A and 5A

hi guys, long time since I’ve posted here in the forum, made a new video with my new tricks, hope you like

Your 5A is awesome, some of the best I have seen in a while!

Great video, I was really blown away. :o

that just inspired me to go play some 5a. that was amazing !!!

wow! that was crazy! your 5a and 1a is awesome!!! i love it!!!

That was awesome! Now, I just need to find one of my counterweights. :smiley:

I paused the video to play 5a. Nice work!

very exceleent 5a i’m impressed it’s so smooth

That Pendulum action that you did at 1:02ish was sick

thanks guys, I’m training to win the Brazilian national championship next year, maybe I will go to world yoyo contest next year

I loved it, your 5a really flowed well ;D
It inspired me to do more 5a

:o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o

Omg that was amazing your gonna put those other Brazilian 5a yo-yoers to shame!!! I was just STARING at the screen! u r good!

did you speed up the video? my whole family thinks you did but not me. I belive in you :wink:

this video will never get old