TEN YOYO-DropBears 4 New Color Ways plus a YYE Edition Coming to YoYo Expert!!!!



Hey guys! More DropBears on route to YoYo Expert. Check out the the new color ways Wabbit and I brewed up:

Gold Coast Yellow

Kakadu Green

Lightning Ridge Black

Never, Never Red

Can’t forget about the YoYo Expert Edition…


I wish one of these would jump out of a tree at me. :-\




That YYE Edition is slick… wish more yoyos had anno like that…


LOL Trust me, you don’t want to come face to face with a DropBear. You have to take extra precautions when nabbing these guys from their homes. That’s why I rub vegemite behind my ears ;D

We’re really pleased with these colors ways. Thank you for your kind words, and thanks to André for making the YYE Edition happen.



bear drop. lol

awesome bear vs man look alike.

well not the awesome part lol


Never never red is my favorite, kakadu looks great though


I love them both! Actually it’s real hard to decide on which one I’m going to pick up. Can’t forget to pay myself ;D


HAHAHAH, please let that be a joke.

@Roo, the Gold Coast is sick :wink:


You can thank laxdude99 for Gold Coast! He’s our new team member on TEN YOYO. I took his request and ran the color just for him. You can be sure he will bring this color to the stage when he competes :smiley:


Hey…so does making a Ten Yo colorway get you sponsorship? hint hint :wink: Lol… I love the new colorways! Who does your anodizing?


I was referring to the name haha, it’s evan


I would hope so :wink:


Roo, I will give you my soul for that YoYoExpert one. Or the pink one for Breast Cancer I’ve heard about.


Doh! I thought you meant the color. I agree Gold Coast RULES!!!


lol. unfortunately it doesn’t. I knew Laxdude99 from the beginning of TEN YOYO. He put a lot of throwing time in with me during the summers down at the Jersey Shore. Glad he’s on the team.

Our ano work comes from Gruntbull. Thanks for liking the colors.

PM if you would like to see a colorway. I like to try to honor requests :wink:


Man! I’m still kicking myself for not saving one of these.


Hahah! Slow down there- Thats what people do for a Klondike Bar :stuck_out_tongue: Got to ask André for the YYE Edition. He’s got them :wink:


@Roo Will you guys be in Ocean City again this year around the 4th of July? Last year I was there and I met you and Laxdude99 (trying not to use real names), along with some other guys that were there.


Ocean City NJ right? I go there every summer usually…never see anyone though… :frowning:
I’m guessing at Air Circus right?