Ten Thousand Hours


Yoyoexpert actually shared this, so idk if there’s any point in me posting.
As you guys may or may not have noticed, I haven’t been active for like 1-2 months ._.
I yoyo on-off. I was currently off and THIS VIDEO re-sparked my yoyo blaze.
It’s absolutely amazing. I suggest you guys watch if you haven’t already.


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Great video, not sure how I feel about the Backspin logo though.


I clicked on this because this reminded me of the book I read called “Outliers” and how it talked about you must have 10k hours to become good/master anything.
Nice video :slight_smile:


That vid did make me want to pick up a yoyo :smiley:




… and the corollary (as discussed and arrived at by the blogosphere) milestones of one hundred, and one thousand hours for Competence and Expertise, respectively.


If I only spend 9999 hours am I not a true master?


You haveuh dishonor your famiry!


Dats racist

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Wow that video was amazing


Great video really inspiring and exactly why I love yoyoing.


I wonder how many yoyoers have actually put in ten thousand hours. Very few, I’d imagine. If you played for two hours per day, it would take thirteen years to accrue that many hours.


You can’t prove anything!


this video is amazing, im so happy to see how the sport is growing into a true spectacle, and not just a hobby, of course thats how it starts out, but its just being more appreciated as an ability and skill more than ever. this video made my hair stand up. and just to watch the greats get into a nice mash up like that was straight beautiful. and jensons 360 staring contest with the camera XD! priceless


i cant stop watching this video X_X too fesh

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Aye, me as well.


Kerbel kicked butt at worlds man, im happy they gave him alot of time in this video,his presentation of what he does best was on point