Tell something about yourself

If I tell something about myself, you will too, hopefully.
I am ten years old, and my favorite hobby is yo yoing. ;D My favorite trick (on my profile) is Spirit Bomb. I started yo yoing in June, (No date) 2009. My inspiration was my older brother ratfacedudeguy. That’s all about me. Let’s talk about you. :slight_smile:

Great thread idea! ratfacedudeguy is really awesome. :slight_smile:

But we already have a thread like this:,16.0.html, so posting this thread would be kinda redundant and useless. :-\


  • A 15 year old kid with a lot of problems.
  • Been throwing for the last 5 years.
  • Can do suicides with a FAST 201 Lmao.
  • Death metal frontman.
  • Pretty much a weird dude in all.

15 year old kid from los angeles
been throwing for almost a year
plays Videogames
beekeeper :o
very hungry


I yo-yo ;D

  • I rock have been throwing for more than a year
  • I Rockam very religious
  • I rOckhave way to much time on my hands
  • I roCkhave hair that goes over my eyes and smells like a kiss from the mist of an ocean wave
  • I rocKcant believe I just said that /////\

Lmao Raphael.

Spicy food often makes my right nipple hard, but not the left.

Wow. I bet we all wanted to know that.

I’m 13 in NJ.
I’m a straight A student.
I take Martial Arts.
I’m fluent in 3 languages.
I was born in Germany.
I also enjoy soccer,baseball,and basketball.

Regardless, now you know.


Uh 13
I am straight
Also I started Yo-yoing last summer in I think July
I <3 God

I have a twiin brother!
I’m in college. I’m gonna be an engineer!
I started yoyoing this summer

Fixed, i am i die hard boston fan, Patriots, Bruins, Red sox, Celtics. I love them all

Fixed, i am i die hard boston fan, Patriots, Bruins, Red sox, Celtics. I love them all
I love dem Celtics and the Patriots

I’m 16, from NJ

I really only do 1A 'cause it’s the only thing I’ve ever been able to get a lasting interest in

I’m a Protestant Christian

Started yoyoing a little over 4 years ago, and I constantly find myself wondering how people who’ve been yoyoing for years less than me are so much better than me

I’m amazed it’s nearly Christmas again

Haha, same, brother