Tell me your top three

I rotate through all my yoyos (well sometimes not all of them) but I seem to always start with the same three. I would love to hear everyone else’s top three. Here is mine…

  1. G2 Wolf
  2. Summit (with spike side effects)
  3. Duncan Barracuda (2016 model)

As of recent: TiMe, curvy donut man, and turntable

Standard, creep, kracken

Ti-Walker, Sengoku Kenshin and CLYW Blizzard.

Kracken is hella fun!

The throws I carry everywhere: TK No Jive and OD Cabal
Favorite throw for special occasions: OD Cascade

Lunar Wind, Forge, Masamune

There’s already a top 5 thread.

I rotate between the skyva and the yoyoking jester.

Tundra - Peak 1 - Manatee

  1. MagicYoYo stealth
  2. One drop rebirth
  3. Smashing Yo-Yo Monocle

I’ve been wanting to try the rebirth for quite some time now!!!

Iyoyo 2. Horizon. Orca. Need a new horizon tho.

  1. Recess Vacation
  2. OD MarkMont Classic
  3. CLYW Manatee

Been using a horizon, shutter, and minute or benchmark o a lot lately.

Lately: 44RPM Surf, One Drop Prescription, 2015 eH

Overall: DRI YWET, No Jive, Walter - These are the ones I always come back to, my desert island yoyos.

Your “lately” hits close to home for me, as Meatloaf sang “2 out of 3 ain’t bad”. I haven’t yet tried the Surf, but, Prescription and 2015 eH get lots of play time, as do both the Rhythm and the Blues. Makes me think I should start listening to more Muddy Waters while throwing.

  1. Magic Yoyo Skyva
  2. YYF Shutter
  3. C3 P-Wave

Jackknife, Bi-Metal Banana Hammock, Standard

  1. Onedrop Valor
  2. Yoyorecreation Invaders must die (Rebellion line)
  3. Clyw Blizzard

Wait wait wait. . . .“Bi-Metal” Banana Hammock?