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So my unshielded OD 10 ball bearing rolled under the couch. Once i was able to find it and pick it up, there was fuzz and other crap stuck to it. So i cleaned it. Used lighter fluid and did the whole 9 to it. I did this about 4 days ago and have been playing it for about 2 hours a day. Its still playing super responsive. Im getting to the point of just pitching it and buying a new one. Any thoughts?

Try spraying compressed air through it to attempt to dislodge anything that may be stuck in it.

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Go easy on the lube.

Havent used any lube at all. Been playing it dry since iv cleaned it. Still mad responsive

Lighter fluid is best at cleaning out grease and small amounts of dirt by breaking up the oils. But its not going to melt through the nasty gunk that was underneath your couch and got into your bearing.

You might try taking out the shields and trying to see if there is something preventing it from spinning and removing it.

Put your un-shielded bearing and pure acetone in a small glass jar (used for holding and mixing paint) and swish for a minute, let soak a minute, swish for another minute. Compressed air in a can to spin dry on your tool. If that doesnt fix it, it may not be work fixing. Some may say the paper method for hardcore cleaning, but i just cant recommend it.

Might be time to buy a couple new bearings if you dont have others to swap out with. Always nice to have backups and variety in brands and shapes. :slight_smile:

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Shielded bearing ruleeeeeesss
Try paper cleaning method though, it’s on the sticky thread.

Put it back in the lighter fluid, this time, shake it very hard to make sure all the particles are removed. Then dry it off and don’t lube it. Lighter fluid is somewhat already a lubricant.