Tell me about the klondike

Thank you so much for all of the info about the klondike I really appreciate it.

Resident Klondike King here :skull::skull::skull:

I’ve posted about my love for the Klondike countless times before but I think this post sums up my overall (more subjective) thoughts about the yoyo:

So yeah, I haven’t exactly been quiet about how it’s my favorite yoyo of all time. I own 4 of em and at this point, I’m likely physically unable to stop myself from buying more :joy:

But here’s a little more of an objective take: it’s a super trending design right now. The Kagerou, the W!LD and a few other currently popular comp throws all share a very similar shape/rim design. I feel like it’s at a weight where it retains tons of power and heft but can also very easily be pushed as fast as needed as well. They really nailed the goldilocks middle ground there - so whether you’re into doing godspeed level combos, tech or anything in between, this is truly going to be a great all rounder. The rims obviously give it more stability than most throws too, knocking it off plane is pretty difficult. It does feel boxy in a very good and pleasing way (think kinda… Kuntosh-esque) and it feels more hollow (also in a pleasing way) than something like a Kagerou, which feels more dense and solid when compared to the Klondike. My favorite monometal right now is currently the Spotlight Ultra, and while it’s an absolutely killer mono, it can be a bit wide for some people. If you’re doing tricks with tons of string density, the width of certain throws like the Spotlight Ultra can kind of get in the way a bit. This is absolutely not the case with the Klondike, it’s at a very standard 45mm. Wide enough to land daring catch tricks but not too wide to where it’s getting in the way of anything you’re doing.

To me the Klondike just feels like home. Sometimes I’ll be using a different yoyo, but then come back to the Klondike and everything just feels right about it. For awhile I was one of the only people hyping it up and singing its praises, but now that it’s had a wider release/has been out for a few months, the verdict is in and people agree that the hype is REAL. I truly think when people look back on the Klondike a decade (or more) from now, it will be seen as probably one of the best, if not the best CLYW yoyo, and the yoyo that best represents this shape category.

I know someone already linked it in this thread, but when you inevitably end up buying one of these things, come post yours and hang out with us at the Klondike thread. It’s the place to be for people with great taste lol