Avalanche! Review!

I JUST got a Avalanche from the Edmonton Yoyo Club!!! With extra sring, pads, and bearings (thanks Chris!)! I have to say that this is my second yoyo, with the only other to compare to being the Gnarwhal! So:

First Impressions:
The moment I enclosed it in my fist, I felt that something was different. The sheer lightness of the Avalanche just feels great. On the first throw, a couple things were noticeable; It was very stable, span for a LONG time, and was VERY fast on the string. .

Now, onto the real review!

CLYW Avalanche Stats:
Diameter: 55.5 mm / 2.19 inches
Width: 43.0 mm / 1.69 inches
Gap Width: 4.14 mm / .16 inches
Weight: 67.2 grams
Bearing Size: Size C Stainless Steel (.250 x .500 x .187)
Response: Flowable Silicone
(Copied directly from the Yoyoexpert page on the Avalanche)


  1. EPIC spin times. Combos are a BLAST with this throw!
  2. Moving fast on the string. It GLIDES. 10 times lighter than the Gnarwhal.
  3. Looks and feels great!


  1. No IRG.
  2. Needs something interesting to “define” itself. Like a spike on the protruding indent for the axel.
    I would like to note that these are minor things that are not a deal breaker.

EDIT: Sturdiness:
After playing with my Avalanche for a total of 10 hours, I finally dinged it. :’(
I was doing an Eli Hops and it hit the ceiling. HARD. :’(
Hit the wall with a boomerang. Not too bad. :frowning:
Although, all the damage consisted of a scratch to the top coating. No actual indented dent. Which is amazing! Amazing construction!


A great yoyo. Wonderful in every way possible. I have a hard time finding fault in this throw. Well worth my 80 bucks.

If it plays anything like a Gnarwhal or Sasquatch, then it shouldn’t be unforgiving. My Sasquatch, which is like the fatter twin of the Avalanche in many ways, is extremely stable. It is most likely your playing, no offense.

Yea, after playing with it a little longer, It was just my first throw…
Thx for noticing -DG-.

No problem :slight_smile: I just didn’t want people to think they weren’t good, again, no offense :wink: I’m glad you found out otherwise. It would’ve been a shame if you would’ve traded it off over the first throw or something similar.

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Toronto? Are you’s a member of YORAD?

Nah, I’ m Albertan.
EDIT: Edmontonian.

Yeah, me too. YORAD is based out of Calgary.

Me and my buddy tried half sasquatch and half avalanche it worked surprisingly well…we called it the sasalanche ;D…

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That would have actually worked well, considering that the Avalanche and Sasquatch are around the same size and weight!

yeah not to shabby at all…

Umm… Probably appropriate to make a
New topic for this on
The reccomendations board, but it depends on what you prefer… I think the only difference that matters is the protostar is a tad lighter than the north star… But make sure you know how to bind before you use them

Or you can learn how to bind. All I did the first time I got a yoyo (Black Knight) was throw, forward mount, bind. I did that the entire day, and I learned how to sufficiently bind in a day :stuck_out_tongue: