'new' avalanche


So I thought I’d write a quick review of the newest release of the avalanche. For a while now my go to throw has been the chief, but the new avalanche has changed that. This is simply return top perfection. Extremely smooth, perfect balance and excellent playability. I switched in a trifecta bearing, and this thing is absolutely dead smooth. It lacks the inner rings of the chief, which I thought would sacrafice some long spin stability, but I was way off. This throw stays perfectly centered and never drifts away from midline. The weight seems perfect, and is not too floaty. It lets you know it’s on the string, with a convincing thud on a throw (not as much as the BVM) but still never feels to heavy. No problems with hops and performs wonderfully with slacks and whips. Nice wide easy to hit catch zone and great snappy binds.

Simply put, I can’t say enough good things about this yoyo. It’s easy to see why this was CLYW’s flagship model, and even now that it has the chief to contend with, I think it still solidly holds onto that title.
I love playing my arctic circle, glacier express and chief, but the avalanche is really something special. No special style or gimmicks, just a perfectly designed throw. This is one to hold onto.
Anyway, that’s my opinion anyone else have any other thoughts? If you found this review useful, let me know, I have alot of other throws that I can give the run down on.



somethings you might want to work on is,

Separate paragraphs, that are separated by pictures of the yoyo. also, include some stuff like, What your first impressions were when you un-boxed it, What it felt like in the hand, how it played horizontally, and stuff like that. It’s also good to wait a few weeks before reviewing something to let the, “New Toy” effect ware off. i plan on writing a review of it as well, but I’m going to wait until mid Oct to write it, so i make sure that my review isn’t based off of the excitement of getting a new yoyo.

Keep up the good work :wink: