Navi's Throw Review: CLYW New Avalanche

DISCLAIMER: This review is based solely on personal preference and play style. Please regard on your own discretion.

Hey All! Navi Here! Welcome to my first review! Today, we put the CLYW New Avalanche through it’s paces.

So, I just got my shipment in Today (March 19, 2013) and received my very first CLYW throw ever: The New Avalanche. This being my first throw by the company, I had little to no real expectations with the brand, or this particular throw in general. I’ve heard some really good things about the company in general, and was rather excited to finally get my hands on a throw of this much hype. On unboxing, I was really impressed by the colorway (I purchased the Ash berry colorway), which is indeed one of the selling points that many have told me about. Taking it out of it’s box, It fit rather comfortably in my hand, not really having any flaws from what I could see from the machining. With the initial inspection done, I stringed it up with the one I was given in the box, and gave it the first test run. Right out of the box, it plays very well. It is very well balanced on the string when throwing that first Trapeze, and is very snappy on the bind. Getting into more complicated tricks, I hit Ninja Vanish FIRST GO PERFECTLY. I will admit, with all the throws I ran paces for, this surprised me greatly and I thought it was a fluke. Did it again, and same thing. Afterwards, I decided that the true test would be to go for my signature trick: Breaking glass (A kind of suicide trick I created), just to see how it would react. Sure enough, It pulled through with flying colors. It works very well with slack tricks as well, and it does not feel like it is going to suddenly bind up on me at a moment’s notice. Tuts are also really good with this throw as well. What I do not like about it, however, is how light it feels on a throw. I am more inclined to heftier throws regarding the sizing of the yo-yo, and it kind of feels like I am throwing air. Although this is a minor inconvenience for me, I am willing to overlook it for how playable this throw is. It is incredibly stable and very manageable for just about anything you throw at it. Spin times are rather decent as well with the center-trac bearing. The longest sleeper I clocked with it was somewhere around 45 seconds. Another thing I kind of dislike about the throw is the fact it makes this melodic ring every time you throw it, as apposed to a very low hiss. It’s a minor, cosmetic thing that is easily overlooked, and something to get used to with the throw. All in all, I would definitely give this throw a 9.5/10. Minor things from personal preference, but still an excellent throw. CLYW knows what they are doing.

Great review :wink: i agree with most of what you said, except i love the floatyness of the the avalanche as well as the little ring sound it makes ha.

True, those are my favorite features.
Good review, maybe compare to what other stuff you throw would be my suggestion. If you want a more solid feeling CLYW try the Arctic Circle, smooth stable and feels more ‘there’ than tha Ava. I lovem’ both.