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When my hand comes closer the ring would react to the change in position, if a string/thread were attached. Also my hand is a bit closer at the end where it falls in my hand. If a string was attached I would have to stay at the same distance for the ring to move, or put my hand closer/farther away to make it keep moving.

The cool thing about this method is that it can be done with borrowed objects. Spectators can also place the ring on the pencil and hold the pencil during the slide. I would have a hard time attaching a string to someones ring in person. Its possible, but that’s not the way I roll.

I appreciate you watching and commenting. If you have any suggestions on how I could make the illusion more believable, feel free to offer. It’s just hard to read much into one word comments. In this case I think were trying to debunk the method. Taut invisible thread is used in many levitation, PK, and ring tricks. Just not this one. :wink:


Looks like you’re just tilting the pen…

It looks like thread lol.

sick trick, but I figured it out and had a good laugh =]

The pen is tilted up from the start!

Do you see thread? I mean if there was a thread it would certainly show up, given the lighting. The most important rules in thread magic are dim lighting or no lighting direct above/behind you. I break both rules, thus a thread (if one was used) would show up. Some of the light would bounce off.

To answer my own question, no you do not see a thread. I’m glad you’re interested in the trick, but you gotta understand that different methods can look similar in effect. Different methods can accomplish the same goal. You yoyo right? You should definitely be able understand this.

I mean srsly, most PK tricks look like they use string. Most don’t.

Alright? I don’t see what this has to do with you not tilting the pen. Magnets?

For the vast majority of the ring slide the pencil is tilted up or level. Things don’t fall upward. Tilt does not contribute to the ring starting,stopping, or moving. If you still believe that the ring moves because the pencil is tilted downward, watch the video again.

And zero magnets.

That is a neat trick.

My first thought was the same as YoCyanightYo’s, that it kind of looks like the pencil is just being tilted downward. Or not so much that it looks like the pencil is being tilted, but more specifically that the camera angle looks like it might be set up to hide changes in the pencil’s tilt. With the low camera angle and lack of reference points, it’s kind of hard to tell the pencil’s orientation, or if there are small changes where one end might move up or down a little. A more straight-forward camera angle might showcase the trick a little better, although this angle does give you a good shot of the action, which helps make the illusion more convincing, so I can see why you used it.

I think that is one of the troubles with watching filmed magic tricks as opposed to seeing them in person–it’s hard to tell if the camera is supposed to contribute to the illusion or not. But anyway, it looks good. Nice work.

Glad you liked it.

You guys r all dumb

He is obviously using magic. Duh.

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Um , no
There was a magic pixie begin the pencil. Durrrrr.

Magic isn’t always about the method. At least it shouldn’t be. I kinda wish people could appreciate the illusions for what they are. (Illusions)

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will you atleast tell us if one of us guesses it? dont have to reveal the trick but say something like “someone got it”

Nobody’s close.