string slipping??????

hey everybody just a quick question today while I was trying to learn skin the gerbil the string slipped off my finger and my throw went flying in the air thank god I caught before It hit something my question is do you yall guys have any tips for noob on how not to make the string slip of your finger

Make sure the double portion of the slipknot is facing you.

twist the slipknot a bunch of times before tightening it on your finger

I have 3 techniques because the string-slipping is just a hideous issue for me. One is the “twisting” method Oops described. The other is to use a “Finch’s Head” knot, which is super-secure.

More recently I’ve taken to using Mason DeVriend’s “Safety Harness” (I’m sure he didn’t make up the technique, but rather the name). I don’t have a video or photo, but it goes like this:

Put the slipknot on your finger as usual. Hold the string coming from the finger and twist a small loop into it. Put the loop over the same finger as the slipknot. Tighten it all up. I usually keep the original slipknot and the new “loop” spaced apart, which also distributes the impact of the throw.