Technical Tricks

What got you guys into complex technical tricks my “coach” (Justis Evans) told me I need more technical tricks.


I’m with ya I’d like to learn a few more tech tricks as well… I got Ladder Escape and Kamikazi down… there is a Tech Combo on 365 yoyo tricks by Nate Sutter but no tutorial and probably way above my skill level.

check out zammy’s 1a tutorials

Not really technical, more body involved.

this is fairly easy trick with some good technical elements to it, it helped me with tech tricks

Check out these channels for some some good tech tutorials:

Tech is my favorite style, I’m way better at it than “flashy” type tricks. Zammy’s tricks are definitely technical but some are definitely body-oriented. Some of his tricks like Heart Vessal and Grandiose are great tech tricks though, he has a really unique way with his tricks that makes them a ton of fun to learn.

Zammy was actually viewing this thread. I wonder why he hasn’t posted.

How do you know he was viewing?

i was checking the board of YYE

Help! New vid coming soon I’m short a few tricks