Complex 1A Tricks!

Hi everyone!

I’ve been learning a lot of 1A tricks lately that are heavily influenced by Jensen Kimmitt’s style of yo-yoing. I was wonder if anyone knows any complex tricks that look absolutely great like a lot of Jensen Kimmitt’s tricks, whip or slack tricks, or tricks that involve using any part of the body(like wrapping it around your arm)?

I would really appreciate, and the community as well, if you can post a video that gives a tutorial on the trick, so I can learn it easier. I’ll start with one of my favourite Jensen Kimmitt combo :

Go check out zammy’s tutorials. The tricks are very technical and some of them do involve the use of arms, neck, etc.

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where do you find zammy’s tutorials?

Look up “Zammy 1a” on YouTube. His channel is called Zamstrom.