Technical yoyo tricks

What are some cool tech tricks not from yye

If you consider Plan D technical-

it looks like a B

I’m still trying to learn this one. Tuts by Xela are good for technical tricks. :wink:

MMMM… Justice FTW!!

what are tech tricks???

I recently found a website that has a lot of tutorials that are done very thorough.  Take a look at this video where he does just some of the tricks that he breaks down.

You can go to and click on this link to see the full list of tutorials.  I was very impressed with how well he breaks down these tricks.

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Yoyo tricks that are really hard and not so smooth because their so complicated, their like almost impossible to make smooth.


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What? ???

Yeah, what? ???

Quoted for truth.

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they can be easy to make smooth. basically something that is really technical is just a complex trick that involves a lot of elements. think of it as “master” level tricks

Oh, thanks.

I didn’t even understand it untill a while after he posted it- I thought saying

was saying that my post was true, lol, the irony.

look at Andre do his ladder escape and plan D, crazy stuff :stuck_out_tongue: