Technical Offstring in relation to 1A/Pure 4A

Hi, I have a few questions related to what the topic name says.

  1. Can we compare it to 1A play style? [In term of difficulty/possibility, etc.]
  2. Why do technical offstring players tend to score lower than ‘pure’ offstring players in contests?
  3. What is your opinion toward technical offstring [players]?

I know that judges don’t grade technical stuff very high, and I know that using some Body Orbits/Whips/Regenerations in addition to the technical routine would probably be a great idea to improve your scores, but do you have any more suggestion or advice for those who major in technical play rather than release-tricks to increase their marks in tournaments?

I’m a technical player myself and I kinda thought that this information might be important for a new player like me to be aware of. Kazuaki Sugimura’s freestyle in 2005 and Jeff Coons at NER 2007 were very inspirational to me. I kinda hope that someone will ultimately find some way to bring technical stuff up to another level. :frowning:

Thanks in advance!

Im not much of an offstring player, but this is just my opinion. Technical offstring usually needs to be vastly different from regular 1a, in terms of the trick structure for it to be graded higher. Most technical offstring tricks arent very difficult compared to body orbits/one string whips and regens, because the yoyo doesnt leave the string as much and the player is usually in much more control over the yoyos movement. Whereas for tricks like regens, there is more difficulty involved, and the judges also take the risk factor into account.

Personally i do enjoy watching technical offstring players. some of my 1a tricks have been inspired by some 4a in this way. What i notice in most freestyles, most offstring routines have a good balance of technical tricks and ‘bigger’ tricks such as one string whips, regens, orbits, whip catches, etc. however, most of these players use very normal/generic technical offstring tricks, such as hops, rolls, pops, etc.

Perhaps newer 1a elements could be blended into technical offstring tricks to make it more interesting and fresh? Maybe concepts like technical string rejections, stop and gos, protrusions, cross handed mounts, inverted mounts, straightjacket mounts? From what i see, trick elements such as these are rarely seen in technical offstring tricks. Maybe using these could help in building new tricks for this style of 4a?

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