Offstring breakaway tips

Just started doing 4A and having trouble even with a simple breakaway. The yoyo, as you can imagine, just rolls off the end of the string and flies off to the right barely moving up. I can probably actually land a catch-able breakaway 10% of the time. Beyond just practicing, anyone have any tips on how i can get the yoyo to bounce upwards at the end of the string so I can catch it? Surprisingly the only video I can find on YT if Ben Conde’s video, which has been helpful, but I’m looking for more tips.


I’m not very good at 4A myself, so take my advice with a grain of salt. :crazy_face:

What helped me learn 4A breakaways was not throwing the yoyo at all. I basically started by forming a breakaway and just letting the yoyo roll off of my hand. As the yoyo reached the end of the string, I would forcefully intercept it with my non-throw hand - basically karate chopping the string so the yoyo would come off. This actually revs the yoyo up a bit to give it more spin as well.

At this point, I still found myself have to reach down with the string to catch the yoyo as it wasn’t popping up very high. Adding more of a swing to the initial throw (meaning letting the yoyo swing across your body rather than letting it fall straight down to the floor) should solve this issue, but I’d still avoid a hard throw until you start getting a more reliable pop.


Yea I can help a bit let me fool around a bit and try to think of some tips and what helps me. I’m also trying to help explain regens in another thread of you’re interested in that

I think the biggest thing is just getting the yoyo moving upwards because if it’s moving too much off to the side then it kinda wonders off and you can’t catch it. I like to do the breakaway by keeping my hands pretty close together and getting my non throw hand on the string early on the top half of the string. I think that’s the most important part but not fully sure. I also seem to raise my throw hand up and away at like a 45° angle, not sure if it’s necessary but I’m noticing I do it

Thanks for the tips, I practiced a bit more and wouldn’t you know it I can consistently (probably 70%) land a catchable breakaway. I think the really intercepting the string with your non-throwhand and moving your throw hand kind of upwards while it’s unwinding helped.

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