[OTE] Offstring Tutorial Series

Hello, offstring players or whoever that is interested in learning 4A.

Due to the scarcity of 4A tutorials on YT. I have decided to create a tutorial series which I will be talking about miscellaneous information, tricks, and demonstrating some variation of 4A tricks [raw materials that you can use in contests] in a unique video format. I will be uploading new episode every 2 weeks [These videos are kinda hard to make, with time constraints, and I have to put in a lot of thoughts in each video].

I have gotten to know 4A since around 2011. The very first video that I saw was Lim Aik Hwee in AP08, and it inspired me to become an offstring player. Because I was young, and due to the high price of 4A yoyos, I was not able to get any 4A yoyos. I ended up spending many years just watching yoyo videos. I had noticed a lot of stuff in freestyles, and they helped me in my progress when I recently started doing actual 4A a couple of years ago. So, I decide to share you some of my perspective.

#1 - Offstring Snags

Generally, snags occur from tight gaps. But what if your gaps are not tight, and you’re still getting snags from offstring yoyos? This video explains why and offers you some techniques.


#2 - Introduction to Recapture (Offstring Recapture Tutorial) [Part 1]

  • Introducing you to 2 basic types of recapture, and general idea of how to dismount.

#3 - Introduction to Recapture [Part 2]

  • Part 2 covers about the third type of recapture [TH Recapture that ends in starting mount], emphasizes on a certain type of dismount, and how to create simple combos out off these recaptures.

#4 - Pinwheel and Somersault

  • Elaborated tutorial on offstring flips and their application

Thanks for posting this. Yours is the only video I have seen that tells about snags. Today was my first try at 4A and I thought my T1 Captain was defective as it kept snagging. Thanks to your video I’ve done a few successful throws.

Would you mind doing a tutorial on basic offstring binds? I can get them about one out of three tries. I’d like to know more about one hand and two hand binds.

Take care,


Yes, of course. I’ll add that to the list. On the side note, it is very common for some 4A yoyos to play snaggy out of the box. There is nothing much you can do about that. Sometimes, it is about the design itself. Some people make their own shims, or using CenterTrac bearing might help a little. I’d say the easiest fix if the problem comes from the yoyo itself, and not from your throw, is to use thinner strings. Kitty String also has a slim version. It might help reducing the snagging problem.

Here’s the update for the series

#5 - Offstring GT

Note that this may not click every time, but I believe most judges do click it. Also showcasing some variations that you can do. A very common trick seen during freestyles.

#6 - Offstring 1.5 Pop [or 3D Hop, Rejection to Recapture] Whatever name that is. A pretty cool element that can be done continuously. Also introducing 3 ways of how to get into the 4A 1.5 mount.


Thanks for your helpful reply and for posting the new videos. I’ll try a CenterTrac bearing and thinner string. I’ll see if I can learn the new stuff you posted.

I can do the regular throw and catch and the forward mount throw. So far my only trick is the Barrel Roll but I am having a blast.

Take care,


I have been very busy with the senior project at university. The next episode, which I will be teaching a tech combo, is going to be the final episode of this series. [Sorry about that :’(]

I do, however, have plans to teach beginner-friendly tricks in the future. But that is yet to be arranged. [In the distant future where I get a GoPro]

#7 - Offstring Suicide
A quickie on 4A suicide. This video includes 4 other variations of the trick for you to explore!

  • Branding suicide
  • Open string to ring suicide [works very well as a transition]
  • Drop down suicide [Can also be done under the leg, like Ben Conde in some of his freestyles]
  • Lim Aik Hwee’s Kamikaze Whip Suicide [2:47]

This will be the final episode for the time being.

#8 - Offstring Tech Combo

It’s too long. But it has some interesting elements that hopefully you can pick them, and use for your own combos.

As I said in the last post, I have plans to teach beginner-friendly tricks in the future. So, this definitely won’t be the last tutorial that you will see of me.

Thank you for all the support. I hope this thread helps 4A players


Great stuff! Thanks for taking the time to share it here!