New 4a Offstring Tutorials


Kinda off topic…

Jayyo, I completely agree on this fundamentals post. I tend to jump ahead every now and then but I try my best to go in “order” with Andres tricks and the sports ladder. But to the off topicness… Speaking of fundamentals, there’s a serious lack of tutorials for the 4a player. I’ve seen a few of your on YouTube but I find any 4a videos alittle rare on yye. Have you considered starting a thread in the trick section teaching offstring? I’m sure almost anyone could benefit from a consolidated thread all about offstring yoyoing. I know you are a respected and skilled player in the yoyo community so I figured I’d ask you to start one seeing as I don’t possess all of the 4a skills as you do. Think “Fun4amentals”! Just food for thought.


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I think you have a valid point papaYOYO

I wonder if it might be wise to recast your last post here as a new thread under “YYE Site Improvements”.


You think it would be better as an add on to Andres tuts in the Learn section of the site, a sticky in the Tricks section, or what were you thinking? Would you want to contribute to a project(assuming your interest marks that you participate in 4a)? It could be anything from a greater consolidation than Andres tutorials to a full blown section of the forums dedicated to offstring. For that matter, yye could technically do this for every play style. Even if these supposed threads were FAQs. Thanks for the input!



Trust me, you don’t want me “contributing to the project”. You’d have to have that under a thread; “Don’t ever let this happen to you!” I don’t know what might be the best strategy to constructing a more complete training curriculum for 4A here on YYE. Any one of the approaches you mentioned would probably fulfill the mission. Of course Mr. Boulay would have to be on board if he were to expand his tutorials. It seems an expanded section for 4A could still be under “Learning” and have another instructor contribute if that would be acceptable for those in charge. It just occurred to me while reading your post that the tutorials here are primarily in 1A play. This is in no way a bad thing. That’s where much of the student’s interest lies. 3A, 4A and 5A all build their itinerary off of doing 1A well. Perhaps however each style merits a greater depth of exploration and explanation. That’s certainly up to André. It’s just a good thing to brainstorm about.


I asked André a few months ago (the day we got our IRC chatroom :3) if we were ever going to have more tutorials. He said something along the lines of “Yes, but it’s a project that is going to take a while. Probably it will be about a year or so.” (He also said we might be getting rubik’s cubes!)


Regarding new tutorials:

Sometimes it’s best to do a “wholesale swap-out” type of thing. One day it’s the old stuff, the next day it’s gone and replaced with all new stuff. Granted, the backside work is greater, but then the long term “nickel and dime maintenance” is reduced and most people will agree(of those who do that kind of work) that this is a better way to go.

Also, to properly produce videos, it takes time. Most of the people here bang out a video like it’s no big deal, and trust me, it shows. This “need” to “share”, and thanks to the ease of sharing by places like Vimeo and YouTube have put quality on the back-burner as everyone using Microsoft Movie Maker and iMovie suddently thinks they are a film producer. Sorry. I see the same thing in audio: Guy gets a ProTools interface and some software, now he’s a record producer and has a record label and a recording studio, despite the fact he can’t use any of it.

The tutorial videos on here currently, well, as far as overall quality, aren’t great. But then again, so are many of the other tutorial videos. But, what I’m saying here is “image and production quality”, not CONTENT quality. The tutorial videos here, from a content point of view, are way up there. The videos are shot almost from the concept of “you’re in the room with Andre and he’s talking TO you and showing you the trick”. For the time put in and the information shared, they are actually pretty good. Of course, he’s making it look easy, which is why it’s kind of nice to see mistakes not edited out, only to “keep it real”. All I can say is that it’s obvious that the yoyo is something he enjoys, which is why he put so much time and effort into it. To top that off, he enjoys it so much that he wants to share what he knows to help grow the hobby/sport. You have to like that attitude.

At the same point, not all of us can related to all the tutorials here. Thank goodness there are other sites as well that do tutorials as they can help fill in blanks or clarify things. Sometimes we need extra information.

Now, going back to what I said just a big ago, Andre has no doubt spent countless hours practicing and refining his skills, and probably still does just to stay current and in touch with the game. This is something even touched on in his videos.

WE ALL need to practice. No matter how good we are, there’s always something we can work on. If we’re new and/or not so good, well, then we just simply need more practice to continue to improve. If you’re like me, where this isn’t all coming naturally, then I gotta work a bit harder to clear more time to practice. So, we all should practice whenever we can. I’m working hard to get my fundamentals down, maybe harder than some, maybe not as hard as others. My goals are for my own amusement/entertaiment and enjoyment, so I have no schedule other than to have fun while learning and doing.

I just beg people to slow it down a bit, especially kids banging through tricks. Get it down, get it consistent and get it smooth. Then move forward, but also keep the previously learned stuff tight as well. Anything worth doing is worth doing well. Above all, have fun. I’m not saying my lack of a competitive or performance objective is perfect for everyone, but I do think that many people are just rushing through things too fast. Maybe it’s because I’m older, but I have learned a lot in my many years. Slow down and enjoy more. Maybe not to my “it takes me a week to really get to a point where I don’t totally suck on an easy trick like Ripcord” slow. Just slow down so you can really enjoy and appreciate where your hard work is taking you. I may spend days failing at a trick, and yes, it can be frustrating like mad, but I’m still having fun.


I heard from Andre that there are new tuts for offstring!!! Done by Ben Conde… Should be up later this month!!!


I absolutely cannot wait! This is some awesome news. Nivo, If you’re lying to me, I’m taking my thank you back lol


neither can I (fixed)


words from Andre himself … Although he didn’t specify when exactly… But he did say this month!!!

I always email him about doing a DVD version of all his videos lol


If it wasn’t for the logistics(YYE is East Coast, I am West Coast), I’d gladly volunteer time and resources and help produce DVD’s and BluRay discs.

I was going to produce a DVD from the existing material, but since it’s not really a marketable item due to who holds the copyrights, I decided it wasn’t worth my time or efforts. I have however downloaded all the existing videos and I load them into my iPhone for “training on the go”.

One thing I’d like to see is YYE OWN and CONTROL all content they offer. This means tutorial videos and preview/promo type videos. Such as recently, a video for a product, I think the Phenom, vanished because the person closed their YouTube account. The concept is “rely only on yourself”, or at least, “YYE needs to rely on the resources YYE can offer/provide/procure and control”. That’s a basic business fundamental when you have multimedia content.

I’d love to see YYE offer their own produced DVD’s and BluRays. Sales would be good.


I think i was trying to say … make me a dvd … ill buy it lol,seriously though … i will


Oh god please no. It would break my heart to see what Andres sounds like and looks like 4 years later.


He’s in this new documentary short called “The Game Has Changed”. It looks like he’s changed a bit, but the you can definitely tell it’s still him and the spark is still in is eye regarding this subject.

But, if I were involved, it’s not about who is the featured instructor, but rather doing the job properly.


i am trying to comprehend … what you are trying to say … and i have to ask … are you trying to put down one of the most influential person in the Game?


I think he’s just saying that he’s fond of the Andre he sees in the current tutorials he’s in. I can agree that it would be slightly odd to see Andre in newer tutorials, but I also think that,regardless of who’s the yoyoer in the tutorials, it is due time for new 4A tutorials.

Speaking of that: what are you guys throwing? What 4A tricks have you just learned? Any other offstring related info?

I’m throwing the Fiesta XX right now. I just finished practicing loose returns and I just learned chicken whips today. I’m uber excited!


Yeah, that’s what I meant. I hold Andre in the highest of respect but it would be just a little weird to see what he looks like now.

Btw no homo



Are you saying that Andre would get anything but cooler with age? :smiley:

Also looking forward to learning some new tricks. C=


just got the Go BIG … trying to get use out of it … its hard as hell … definitely a big step up from my BIG Orange YO from YYJ lol